Commercial Snow Contracts

Custom Snow Contracts

  We offer different levels of snow removal services for our wide array of commercial snow clients. Each contract is specific to your needs and budget, we go over details onsite so no misunderstanding on your specific needs. 

  Our base contracts ( Silver ) are for the customer who needs parking lots cleared but mostly for employees only. Sometimes sanding parking lots are combined with silver services also. Silver contracts are our entry level snow contract for businesses that need the very basics of snow plowing and possibly sidewalk clearing. 

  Our mid level contracts ( Gold ) are for businesses who have some customers enter the business and require lower snow plowing triggers than our silver contract customers. Gold customers get better service than silver due to the contract specifications. Gold customers are our mid level snow removal service level customers in Calgary. 

  The best service contracts ( Platinum ) are for businesses who put a high value in customer and employee safety and are willing to pay for that service. Trigger levels are set in accordance to the specific needs and budget of these contracts. If you want us out with a dusting of snow no problem. We also provide additional services such as sanding parking lots and ice melt for walkways for platinum contract clients. 

  Contact us today and find the right contract for your business and pay only for the services you need.

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